2017: Where we’re headed

2016 was a great year for us here at Her World Over. We officially launched our website and social channels, raised almost $800 through our crowdfunding campaign and your generous donations, and journeyed to Guatemala, where we spent two and a half weeks meeting with local people, social enterprises, and other organizations making and advocating for sustainable change for Guatemalan people and communities.

Back in the U.S. (and after a busy holiday!!) we now have some time to reflect on the insights we’ve gathered in the past few months, our goals and ideas, and where we hope to see Her World Over in the year to come. Here's what's in store for 2017. 

Connecting personally with you, our reader. What are some ideas and opportunities you’d like to investigate with us? We want to hear your thoughts and ideas on organizations, ideas, and socially conscious products and initiatives. Upcoming posts will seek this interaction and give our readers opportunities to comment and share their thoughts. Additionally, we’d like to feature guest bloggers on our site. If you feel passionate about the work we are doing and would like to contribute for a post (or two!), shoot us a line at team@herworldover.com.

Discover another international context. While our lives and schedules will be busy in the coming months, we know travel is a priority for the aims and objectives we have for this blog, and both desire a constant curiosity for the world around us. Some locations we are investigating: Colombia, Nicaragua, Portugal, India, Laos, and Argentina.

Host giveaways. We are excited to share with you the products and experiences we love! Be on the lookout for giveaways for special surprises that you could receive for being an active participant in our blog!

Share our photography. We both have a strong passion for photography, and we’d love to share it with you! We will be setting up a small e-commerce portal so that you can purchase prints of our adventures, both near and far. These can be customized for your needs!

Connect with fashion, product, and lifestyle companies who share similar vision, mission and values. We’ve been focusing a lot on travel, and while we will continue to do so, we also want to explore more in the vein of conscious consumerism, and what it means to buy with others in mind.

Maintain relationships. This blog is all about connection--connection to ideas, to resources, and most importantly, to people. While it’s important to look to the future and to the opportunities that will come with a new year, it is also important to maintain what we’ve done and nurture the relationships with the people we’ve met and connected with. Throughout the year, you’ll see posts about our continued work, and stories we will share with those whom we met during our time in Guatemala.

Nurture our own creativity and skill-building. While I hope to work more on the web-design side of things (improving our site functionality and usability to give you the most enjoyable reading and navigating experience possible), Katie is focused on improving photography skills and learning photo editing.  

Give back. The gratitude we feel for the support, love, and encouragement that you have given us in the past few months is indescribable. There is no debate that this would not be possible without you, and we’d like to pay it forward to you our reader and to the individuals, organizations and communities we are beginning this journey with. 

All-in-all we look back with gratitude but are so undeniably excited for what’s to come. There is so much beauty in this world to unearth and share, and we are look forward to curating this journey with you. Here’s to a new year, new goals, new experiences, and new people to share it with. Let’s toast to that!