My Favorite Travel Backpack

Perhaps the most important piece of gear for any budget traveler is a great backpack! Not only does the bag need to be the right size, durable, and comfortable, it has to fit your own travel needs. For me, those needs include being able to use the bag as a carry-on (to avoid those pesky checked bag fees and the possibility of a lost bag) and to fit as much as humanly possible. After doing tons of research in 2015, I chose to purchase the Tortuga. It has quickly become my favorite travel bag for short and long-term trips!


Tortuga Travel Backpack - 44 Liter Carry-On-Sized, Travel Backpack

$144.00 $199.00



Why I love the Tortuga Travel Backpack:

  1. It's carry-on size, even when stuffed full.
  2. It is front-loading like a normal suitcase, not top-loading. This means all of your stuff is easy to access (no more digging from the top to find that random shirt that is probably at the very bottom!).
  3. It has a ton of pockets to organize all of your clothes and accessories, including a padded laptop sleeve that you can access from a separate zipper (perfect for going through TSA).
  4. All of the zippers can be locked to avoid theft.
  5. With a padded hip belt, it's super comfortable to carry through the airport and when you're lost in a foreign city, trying to find your hostel!

Most recently, I took my Tortuga on a 10-day jaunt to Stockholm, Berlin, and Copenhagen. I was able to pack plenty of warm-weather clothes while maneuvering the cobblestoned streets with ease. This backpack beats out anything with wheels for overseas travel in my opinion, especially if you're like me and find yourself running to catch trains, planes, and buses more often than not...

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