We believe in the intersection between travel, people, and design. 



For us at Her World Over, travel has opened many doors. It has allowed us to see a broad range of geographies—beaches, mountains, and deserts—and exposed us to alternative methods of art, architecture, and cuisine that help us understand the world in new ways. Travel has awakened in us a passion for a nomadic and exploratory lifestyle, one that is constantly curious, adaptable, and eager for new experiences.


But travel alone isn’t all that ignites us. It is the integration of exposure plus people that shapes our views on the world and helps us empathize a little bit better. Over the years, we have shared many meals with a Nepali family, attended a local basketball game in Guatemala, and participated in a traditional medicinal ritual in Peru. Among these experiences and conversations we have learned about the complexities of the Nepali caste system, discussed the need for preserving traditional handicraft, and been a part of a cultural tradition still alive in the Andes.


When place and people meet, an important opportunity arises—to design solutions, experiences, and stories that build bridges between culture and location. We will use this blog as a way to tell stories—of our experiences, of others, and of the world around us. Through our writing, photography, and collaborations with people across international and domestic lines, this blog will help us and others explore, understand, and take part in a more sustainable, meaningful, and thoughtful world.

We hope you’ll join us on this lifelong adventure. Together, let’s carry the beautiful with us as we go.