Her World Over: Help Support Our Research Trip to Guatemala

Hello dearest family and friends!

Today, we are asking for your help in supporting the kickoff research trip for Her World Over: a two and a half week journey to San Juan La Laguna, Guatemala and the surrounding area.

Using methodologies grounded in human-centered design research, we will gather information and data, stories, experiences, and ethnographies that we will then use to carefully craft a visual and written narrative that is sensitive to people and tradition and revealing of the beauty we all share as creatures of the world. This narrative will be told through this blog. If you find that it is something that speaks to you, please consider supporting our mission in whatever way you are able.

Click the link here to be directed to our campaign, or read more about it in the notes below. 

Why is this trip important?
As researchers and visual storytellers, we want to expose others to important cultural vantage points and find and recommend opportunities for others to engage with meaningful travel experiences. Meaningful travel is important for a variety of reasons, namely helping to put money back in local economies, engaging an empathic vantage point, and revealing systems, ideas, and insights that are focused on human beings and their unique situations and environments. We aim to foster cross-cultural connections that will highlight real, practical recommendations for sourcing ethically made products (e.g. jewelry, crafts, textiles, coffee) and responsible, positive impactful travel experiences. 

What do we plan to do while there?
By participating in this crowdfunding campaign you will support our research efforts in Guatemala.

Goals for this trip include the following:

  • Visit and connect with local artisan cooperatives, understanding their unique craft and their economic and creative capacities
  • Visit an organic coffee cooperative near Lake Atitlán. Understand the supply chain for coffee in Guatemala and its position in the global marketplace.
  • Live with a Guatemalan family and share in food, dance, and wisdom.
  • Journey to the western highlands, visiting rural communities most affected by the recent violence of war, a war that is still under investigation (a brief chronology of events here. Seek to understand the post-turmoil situation as people have worked to overcome extreme poverty and violence.
  • Understand the eco-tourism landscape in Guatemala through visits to an eco-lodge, sustainable agriculture initiatives, and the Meso-American permaculture institute.
  • Investigate surrounding communities and the impact of tourism in comparison to San Juan La Laguna.
  • Find grassroots organizations focused on positive social change for vulnerable women and children and identify needs of said organizations. Volunteer what time and talent we can to make small but personal contributions and report back on the impacts of these organizations.

What should you expect to receive in return for your financial gift?
Your financial gift will give us the opportunity to travel to Guatemala and contribute time and money into the local Guatemalan community, positively supporting the people and organizations that are part of these research initiatives. By contributing to this research grant, you will be a stakeholder in our greater mission, which is to elucidate the various ways in which we can all become more socially conscious and responsible global citizens, particularly through making informed choices regarding goods, services, and experiences. We want to choose products and experiences that have positive effects on those who produce them, and we want to show you how to do so, as well.     

Additionally, financial stakeholders who donate $10 will receive a high quality printed photograph from our journey that can be embraced as a connection to travel and world culture. Funders who contribute $25+ will also receive a small artisan product. Those who contribute $100+ will receive a specially chosen artisan product, catered to their interests and style. Stay tuned for more information on these beautiful, ethically produced goods!

We are so grateful for your help!
We look forward to going on this beautiful journey with you, and promise to share photos, ideas, and stories along the way. Our hope is that these experiences will engage your curiosity, speak to your empathy, and empower you to use your own resources, talents, and compassion to make the world a better place. 

Please follow our journey at herworldover.com and on Twitter and Instagram @herworldover, and feel free to reach out directly with travel advice, insights, or questions at herworldover@gmail.com.